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Become a Friend of The Cornerstone

Do you have an interest in the concerns and work of The Cornerstone and want to offer a commitment and maintain a connection with it?

You can support the work of The Cornerstone with a donation of at least £10 per annum and receive:

  • Three issues a year of The Cornerstone newsletter
  • The Cornerstone Annual Report if requested.
  • Information about events, courses, and other opportunities at The Cornerstone (when an email address has been supplied for this).

    If you would like to become a Friend please click on the 'Sign-Up Sheet' at the bottom of this page.

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    The Cornerstone Zoom Book Group has proved to be enjoyable and worthwhile. What a combination. It has stimulated great discussion, some passion and much friendship. Kara Cooper (Methodist Chaplain/Lancaster University's Spiritual Care Co-ordinator facilitates the group. It is open to all -we have people from churches across the circuit — and we would welcome anyone else who is able to...

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    The Reverend David Atkinson (retired URC Minister, member at Lancaster Methodist Church) has recently published a book called, "Cry of Faith. A Book of Sermons". It contains 33 sermons covering a wide variety of subjects and biblical passages. Some sermons tackle difficult questions such as why does an all powerful and all loving God allow some terrible suffering? The sermons were...

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