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  • We will live out our Mission Statement 'Transforming Lives and Communities' — The Circuit will prioritise resources (staff, finance, buildings) for work which is missional — reaching out to our communities in service and evangelism.
  • The Circuit will re-visit 'The Main Thing' process (original Spring 2015) which explored the vitality of each church and see what progress has been made over recent years.
  • The CLT will explore models of ministry and oversight with an expectation that we will reduce from 6 to 5 Ordained staff during the next few years — how can we adapt our mission and ministry so that there is less expectation upon our Ordained staff? How can the skills of Lay people be incorporated into our leadership? How can we support the churches as they adapt to a changed pattern of Ministerial oversight?
  • The Circuit will seek to identify ways to reduce the pressure upon the Preaching Plan — the number of Lay and Ordained staff available to lead worship is decreasing: we will encourage members to hear the call to preach and to lead worship; we will consider how we can offer acts of worship which are less dependent upon preachers; we will explore the possibility of having 'worship centres' for clustered worship.
  • Develop a Circuit mission focus with Primary schools, in particular seeking to expand the use of the 'Open the Book' programme (from Bible Society).
  • We will continue to develop our work with those in the Third Age of life, through mission, service and spirituality. These priorities are based on the assumption that we have sound financial management and administration. These priorities are to be reviewed and revised annually.

These priorities are to be reviewed and revised annually
Agreed at the Circuit Meeting on 17th September 2019


Circuit Meeting
Thursday 21st January @ 7:30pm
CLT Meeting
Tuesday 2nd February @ 7:30pm

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