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Pray 21


Praying 21
Across the world and across our country there have been calls for prayer. The response I have received these last few days reminds me that when we pray together it feels like something special. In this time of isolation there is no need to be alone because prayer joins us together. It is a reminder of the words of Jesus when two or three are gathered.
We are learning to be gathered differently and if that means virtually, watching live streaming, or on Zoom, as many of our District meetings now take place, we can be gathered.
I've been thinking about how Methodists in Lancashire can pray together and I have a suggestion for you. I invite you to join with me in prayer every night at 9.00pm. Lancashire District's number is 21. On the 24-hour clock 9.00pm is 2100, so, if you like it is Lancashire's time! I'd like you to pray for sixteen minutes because the Circuits in the Lancashire District number between 1 and 16. There are few gaps and I'll come to that later. I know some people will find that time difficult and it may be a challenge, so you could choose another time, but make it special. It would be great if as many people as possible could join together at 9.00pm every day throughout this time so whilst we may be alone, we are together.
My suggestions are we spend a minute praying for each of the Circuits, their staff and churches, schools and projects. There are six numbers and therefore six minutes not allocated to circuits, so I've made suggestions for prayer in those minutes.
21:00 The County of Lancashire
21:01 Burnley and Pendle
21:02 West Pennine Moors
21:03 Great Harwood
21:04 Health Care professionals facing challenges
21:05 Other emergency services, and military.
21:06 Schools, teachers and those caring for the vulnerable.
21:07 National and Local government.
21:08 Banks and Hesketh Banks
21:09 Clitheroe
21:10 Chorley and Leyland
21:11 Preston Ribble
21:12 Blackpool
21:13 Our families and our loved ones
21:14 South Fylde
21:15 North Fylde
21:16 North Lancashire
You might like to end with this prayer.
Gracious loving God,
We thank you that by the power of the Holy Spirit
we who join in prayer are one.
Therefore, with confidence and assurance we can say,
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer. AMEN.

Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair
25th March 2020

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