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Good Newsletter – Easter 2021

We all know that the Resurrection of Jesus brought about 'new beginnings' for his followers but
will Easter 2021 see the start of more 'new beginnings' post Covid?
Following that first Easter people took on more of the work that Jesus had begun. Some were
called to be preachers and evangelists, others to pastoral; administrative or community work.
The biggest change was in worship – it moved from Saturday to Sunday and began focusing on Jesus and his Love Story.
It wasn't all plain sailing, there was plenty of heart ache and sacrifices that followed, but the fact
We are here proves the Love Story of Jesus survived; revived and was handed on.
Easter 2021 will see 'collective worship' just over the horizon again, the body of Christ re-united (re
-membered you might say).
But we can't expect it to be plain sailing, some might need enticing back to public worship, some
might join us who have only ever worshipped on Zoom.
Others might no longer be able to physically join us anymore, others will have passed into glory in
these past 12 months.
Worship may well have to change again, into what is being called 'blended' – a mixture of in church
and at home.
We must engage still with those who aren't ready or able to attend in person.
This past year has seen us do new things in spreading the word, by email; paper; social media;
zoom, and we have learnt how to communicate in a fresh way.
More people have had access to my sermons; reflections and Christian music than ever hear me
preach for instance.
We can only pray the Holy Spirit has been at work blessing all you have been doing for Jesus since
last Easter.
We must keep the good stuff – the You Tube music; the drama; the interactive prayers – and look
back on this 12 months as a time of potential growth not worrying decline.
The Gospels remind us it was about 30 years before the Jesus story started being passed on, we
can't wait 30 years but maybe Pentecost will see a new revival and June see full Churches once
The Jesus Love Story is always looking for New Beginnings and this one starts with us.....

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