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Leading Your Church into Growth

Ideas for clustering

Encourage chapels/churches to engage through their minister, stewards/church representatives and CLT representatives, to seek a way forward in clustering, through meetings, Zoom or face to face, and discuss ideas, such as:

  • Worship – how often, by whom, different styles, jazz services, young person worship group, a regular slot for a joint service, Live streaming from one church to the others in the cluster, Local Arrangement?
  • Outreach – through community engagement, i.e. street clean, car wash, children's clothes swap, ladies pamper night, men's bowling night.
  • Audit – of what works, what didn't work in different church/community efforts and exchange ideas.

Need to look beyond the immediate and see what might work for
their cluster, reaching into the community and the steward positions will

Different ideas will work for different clusters.

Encourage a meeting between local third sector providers i.e.
Credit Union, CAB, Christians Against Poverty, Foodbank, local councillors
surgeries, youth service, Sure Start-type family work, young mums drop-off
breakfast to see if the church buildings could be used in any way.

Methodist Connexion website.

From Evidence to Action

Leading Together in Growing Methodist Church (2015/16)
Look under -Our Work, then Explore the core practices of
growing churches

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